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General dentistry covers a wide array of restorative, preventive, and cosmetic procedures. General dentistry works on a preventive approach and aims at preserving your natural teeth for the maximum time possible. With healthy teeth it is possible to eat, speak and smile effortlessly. The aim is to ensure optimum oral health. At Expressions Dental, our team of general dentists engages with the patient to undertake diagnostic and preventive measures for dental disorders or diseases.

Poor oral health may lead to further complications and it is recommended to visit your general dentist every six months. However, if you have good oral health, avoid foods that hasten the development of cavities, refrain from smoking or vaping, and do not suffer from any dental disorder, your dentist may suggest a different frequency for your dental examination.

Developing a good oral care habit starts early during one’s formative years. Young children are encouraged to visit their dentists to develop good habits that will ensure that their natural teeth last for many years. At Expressions Dental our team of general dentists encourage the development of good oral health habits among children. Visiting your dentist every six months helps in the early detection of any disorder or disease of the teeth, gums, or maxillofacial areas. Early detection of any anomaly will result in lower treatment cost and duration. Although we are not pediatric dentists or specialists, we are general dentists who can treat children’s dental disorders.

Avoiding foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, or saturated fats helps in building healthy teeth and gums. Limiting alcohol intake and chewing on healthy snacks like nuts, vegetables, and alkaline fruits also helps in enhancing oral health.

Regular self-checks of your gums and mouth for any visible signs of redness, discoloration help to identify areas that may need to be assessed by a dental professional.

Our Dental Services

Family Dental Care

The doors of our family dental clinic in Calgary NW are always open for everyone.

Walk in Dental Care

We provide walk-in dental and emergency services during our working hours to try and cater to your needs.

Children's Dental Care

We offer dental care for children to embrace a healthy oral hygiene routine and make it look fun.

Emergency Dental Care

A dental emergency can be an issue involving your oral health that needs treatment or attention immediately

Oral Cancer Examination

Visual and physical screening of the mouth to look for early signs of cancer is called an oral cancer exam. At Expressions Dental, our team of general hygienists performs this exam on the first visit and during the routine checkups. Our dental hygienists may also suggest self-examination that can be performed at home if the patient is at a higher risk due to lifestyle factors. Men run twice the risk of developing oral cancer compared to women. An oral cancer exam takes a few minutes and can help in early detection thus preventing or slowing the progression. This further emphasizes the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly. Patients who are looking for a ‘dental office near me’, are welcome to contact us at Expressions Dental to book your oral cancer exam, professional teeth cleanings, or oral health checkup

Invisalign Dental Braces

Invisalign braces are an option to align teeth without metal braces.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Calgary

Zoom Teeth whitening is an effective way to brighten your smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are customized ceramic casings that are attached to the front of your tooth to give a more aesthetic appearance to your smile. A porcelain veneer is customized for each individual and resembles their natural tooth. They are more resistant to tea and coffee stains and do not discolor quickly. Porcelain veneers can whiten teeth that are stained. They can also lengthen the teeth if the natural teeth are asymmetrical and close spaces or gaps between the teeth.  If you are looking for Porcelain veneers in Calgary please reach out to our general dentists

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a method of replacing a missing tooth or teeth. This involves replacing the tooth root with a titanium screw. Implants provide strong support to the artificial teeth as it is connected to the jaw bone. This method is more widely suggested as an alternative to dentures. However, please contact us at Expressions Dental to see if you are a candidate for implants.

Composite Filling

Composite fillings are often used to treat decayed teeth or teeth affected by trauma. They can also be used to change the shape or color of your tooth. At Expressions Dental, our team of dentists will choose the shade of the filling that closely resembles the color of your natural tooth. After the decay is removed each layer of filling is hardened using a curing light. Finally, the filling is polished to retain its sheen and smoothness.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is often suggested by your dentist when treating the decayed or cracked tooth is beyond the scope of an inlay/onlay or a regular filling.  This often happens in the absence of sufficient tooth structure to support them. A crown acts like a ‘cap’ encompassing the visible portion of the tooth from above the gum line. This lends strength to the teeth and brings back the otherwise disrupted functionality of the tooth.

Dental Bridges

A missing tooth due to any reason can often be a cause of worry for people. This may also cause pain or jaw discomfort while chewing due to a change to your bite. At Expressions Dental our team of professionals can help provide a solution in the form of a bridge. A dental bridge is used to cover the gap between one or more missing teeth. Using a bridge can bring back the natural bite alignment and helps maintain the shape of your face.

Filling Inlays & Onlays

Porcelain inlays and onlays are a cost effective treatment for teeth that are moderately cracked, fractured or decayed and which cannot be treated by a regular filling. After tooth preparation, an impression of the tooth is taken to customize the inlays or onlays.

An inlay is used to treat the grooves of your molars and is connected to your tooth in such a manner that it sits on the grooves of your tooth. It may cover the cusps and contours of your tooth and is smaller than an onlay. An onlay is used when the area of damage is wider and covers a larger area of your tooth.

At Expressions Dental our team is able to provide you with this line of treatment if required.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth often begin to erupt around the age of 15-25. Since wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt, there may not be enough space available in the mouth for them. This may result in the teeth getting dis-aligned and may cause pain or damage to the other molars. At times the symptoms may not appear until later. Your dentist may often suggest the removal of the wisdom tooth that may have been impacted or only partially erupted. Age is a factor to be considered as the risks involved with extraction rise with age. At Expressions Dental our team of professionals can help guide you with procedures after examining your current oral health.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the process of dislodging the tooth and its root from the socket. Simple tooth extraction is performed using a pair of forceps.  Surgical tooth extraction requires an incision into the tissue which may be used for teeth that are heavily restored or broken.   At Expressions Dental, it is our priority to save the natural tooth and suggest a tooth extraction only as a last resort.

Tooth extraction is suggested in case of a damaged or decayed tooth if any tooth interferes with the eruption of another or for wisdom teeth.  Sometimes, an orthodontist will suggest tooth removal to help create space for crowding issues.

After the tooth extraction, you may experience mild pain which is quite normal. Your dentist may suggest a follow-up visit after the procedure to assess the progress of your oral health along with recommending post-procedural care.

Please contact us if you are looking for tooth extraction services in Calgary.

Digital X-rays

Your dentist will first examine your oral health to gain a deeper understanding of any anomalies or disorders. A dental x-ray may be needed to gauge the extent of a disorder in your teeth or to measure the progress of your oral health after a dental procedure. In case your dentist is keeping track of your progress, more frequent dental x-rays may be needed. It is noteworthy that a dental x-ray emits very little radiation and is an essential tool for your dentist in monitoring your oral health. The radiation that a dental x-ray emits is much less than the amount of daily radiation that we are exposed to in our everyday lives. At Expressions Dental, our team of general dentists may suggest a dental x-ray if you are visiting us for the first time to gauge your current oral health. During emergency dental cases your dentist may perform an x-ray in order to diagnose and begin treatment.

IV Sedation

It is a conventional method of anti-anxiety wherein the sedative is directly injected into a vein.

Nitrous Sedation

This type of sedation is also known as “laughing gas” which is used as a conscious sedative during a dental visit.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is an effective alternative and can be useful for nervous patients for dental procedures.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

We provide in-office and take home teeth whitening options depending on what will suit you.

Botox Cosmetic

At Expressions Dental we offer Botox Cosmetic treatment to reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines. Botox Cosmetic treatment temporarily smoothes wrinkles and crow’s feet and reduces frown lines. In this procedure, a small amount of Botox is administered by a professional into the muscles thereby relaxing muscle activity temporarily.  This procedure is relatively painless and does not require anesthesia. Noticeable results are seen in two weeks.

Results start appearing within 48 hours and can stay up to 4 months. As the effects start to fade, the lines will reappear, and another Botox treatment may be required. Gradually, over a period of time, the wrinkles start to reduce as the muscles are being taught to relax thereby reducing the frequency of the treatment. If you are looking for Botox in Calgary NW please reach out to us at Expressions Dental. It is advised to avoid strenuous activities for 24 hours after a dose is administered.


Microneedling is a non-surgical method used to treat skin disorders like signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines), acne, and damage brought upon by prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This is achieved by stimulating new collagen/elastin production.

The process takes about 30 minutes but we schedule a 90 minute appointment as a topical numbing cream is applied to your face before the start of the procedure to make this process more bearable.

A single session of micro-needling can help produce visible results by reducing signs of aging, increasing skin tone and texture, and tightening and thickening the skin. Please consult our team at Expressions Dental to understand the benefits in detail.

TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the joints and jaw muscles which connect your lower jaw to the skull. This helps in the upward and downward, sideways, and forward and backward movement of the mouth.

Any disorder of the temporomandibular joint is called TMD. This may induce headaches similar to migraine and results in chronic facial, shoulder, and neck pain. Untimely treatment may result in problems like a misaligned bite, arthritis, improper posture, etc.

Please contact us at Expressions Dental if you are having any TMJ symptoms.

Sedation in Dentistry

Visiting your dentist regularly is a precursor to good oral health. Some people out of fear and anxiety avoid visiting their dentist and prolong their pain and choose to suffer in silence instead. Sedation is a very helpful solution for people suffering from such anxieties. At Expressions Dental we offer sedation through oral sedation, IV sedation (for surgical procedures), or by nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas.

Sedation aims to reduce irritability and restlessness among patients while undergoing a dental procedure. Sedation could be mild (nitrous oxide and oral sedation) to moderate ( IV sedation). Please contact us if you need sedation before a dental procedure as a consult is required to determine suitability.

Take Home Teeth Whitening Trays

We make customize Take Home Teeth Whitening Trays for touch-ups.

Periodical Dental Care

It is among the most common dental issues and one of the vital reasons for tooth loss in adults.

Dental Cleaning & Hygiene

A dental hygienist assesses your overall oral health by visually examining your mouth and helps in an early diagnosis of any underlying dental disorder thereby making the treatment cost-effective and less painful. A dental hygienist also offers teeth scaling and polishing which removes plaque and tartar and enhances your dental health. In some cases, a fluoride treatment may be proposed. At Expressions Dental, our team of general hygienists are passionate about oral hygiene education and providing teeth cleaning and scaling services. Please contact us if you are looking for a dental hygienist.

Teeth Cleaning

A dazzling smile can really help start conversations. To keep your smile beautiful and healthy, our team of professionals offers teeth cleaning services in Calgary. Regular flossing and brushing may not be able to prevent the buildup of plaque in hard-to-reach areas of your tooth. Plaque tends to harden into tartar(calculus) in twelve hours and to remove tartar professional tools are required. Periodic teeth cleaning is recommended to help maintain your smile.


Dentures are man-made replacements for your natural teeth and gums. If you have lost your natural teeth for any reason, your dentist may suggest dentures as a replacement for your missing teeth. Dentures can be either partial or complete. The dentures are customized after taking an impression of your teeth to make a model.

Partial dentures (partials) are used when a few of the natural teeth are missing or when your oral health does not permit using a bridge. Clasps are placed on your natural teeth to support the artificial teeth and the dentures can be removed for cleaning.

Complete dentures (false teeth) are used when all your natural teeth are missing. They are removable and held in place by suction. Complete dentures can be further classified as immediate dentures or conventional dentures.

Immediate dentures are prepared before your teeth are removed. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth on your first visit to prepare the model. After the tooth extractions are complete, the dentures are placed. The healing period after the extraction can last for six months. There is a probability of your bones and gums shrinking during the healing period which may require a realignment of the dentures.

Conventional dentures are made once the jaws and gums have fully healed after the extraction.

Implant Supported Dentures

It is a type of over-denture, which is supported by and attached to dental implants.

Same Day Emergency Dental Care

We provide same day emergency dental care.

Root Canal

Endodontics is that branch and specialty of dentistry concerned with the morphology, physiology, and pathology of the dental pulp and tissues around the tooth root. An endodontist is someone who has attained specialization in the study of diseases and disorders of the pulp and associated tissues.

Since a root canal procedure is a common treatment for diseases or disorders of the pulp, the term endodontist is often interchanged with a root canal specialist. A root canal is often a misunderstood therapy by the public at large. Patients are advised to consult their dentist to address and allay their fears about a root canal procedure.

A root canal procedure is undertaken when the pulp of your tooth becomes infected, dead, or injured for any reason. When bacteria enter your tooth through a cavity, a filling that has fallen out, or a crack in your tooth, it often affects the dental pulp and starts to infect it. This condition is also called an abscessed tooth. Your dentist may need a dental x-ray to understand the extent of the infection and may recommend a root canal procedure after an examination. At Expressions Dental although we are not endodontists our team can perform most root canal procedures.

To perform this procedure your dentist numbs the tooth and makes an opening in the tooth to perform the procedure to remove the infected pulp. Once this is done, the tooth is sealed with a temporary or permanent filling. Lastly to restore the functionality of the tooth a crown or a permanent filling may be used.

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"At Expressions Dental, I truly felt the level of professionalism and care. They were very thorough and explained details of what they were doing throughout my appointment. I highly recommend this clinic. - Google Review"
Ally Shariff
"I have been going to Dr. Gill for years and have always been very very pleased. Dr. Gill really knows what she’s talking about and gives the most gentle shots I’ve ever had. Michelle and Britney have been wonderful assistants and make me feel very welcome. I can actually say I enjoy going to the dentist!. - Google Review"
Jane Lee
"I had a cleaning with the hygienist and it went really smooth.
Dr. Gill was very thorough during the examination. She helped me understand the basics about flossing and brushing. I was really happy with the service I received. - Google Review"
Ryan Dowan