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    We're All About You!

    Our friendly & compassionate dentists &fstaff will make you feel at home in our Calgary, AB office. Each treatment room is equipped with TVs, bottled water is available in our waiting room and morel

    Affordable Treatment

    We accept almost all insurance, but we know that some patients don’t have dental insurance. We offer flexible payment plans for all types of treatments.

    Flexible Hours & Amazing Technology

    In addition to regular hours, we stay open many nights and weekends to make sure that we’re available when you are. When new patients call our office, there’s almost always an appointment available within 24 hours.

    Ready For An Amazing Dental Experience ?

    Dr. Christine Kim


    My name is Dr. Christine Kim and I am a general dentist at For Your Smile Dental. I am a graduate from the University of Alberta and my passion lies in teaching my patients about the best way to take care of their teeth.

    The most important lesson i share with all my patients is about prevention. The mouth is the door to your body. When your oral health is compromised it can affect your general health, and disease in other body parts can also affect your oral health. That’s why it is very important to come for check-ups every year. Smaller cavities are much simpler to deal with and al much cheaper to pay for compared to when you wait for it to get out of control. So don’t wait for your tooth to blow up on you and come for a check up!

    I hope to see you sometime and to keep your smule nice and bright!

    “My experience at For Your Smile Dental was wonderful. Made my first appointment this morning, and was taken the same day. The staff is very welcoming and caring…”

    -George Peterson


    Questions? Ask Us!

    Are you open evenings and weekends?

    Yes! Our office has available appointments after work and during the weekends so that we’re here when you need us. Call us at
    (+1 587-330-3000)

    Do you offer financing?

    Yes! We have many financing options that make your smile AWESOME. Don’t put off the dental work you deserve.

    Do you take my insurance?

    Yesl (more than likely) We accept MOST insurance plans. Find out with one quick phone call to (+1 587-330-3000)

    Can you help me with my dental issue?

    Yes! We offer all gernal and dental emergency services under on roof. Our talented team has the training and would love to look after all your dental needs.