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Digital Dental X-rays

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X-rays are an essential part of your dental care routine. Your dentist may suggest an x-ray to assess your current dental health or to know the status of any existing dental disorder. Dentists may also suggest an x-ray if you are visiting them for the first time to have a benchmark to understand or know about any variation in your dental health in the future.

An x-ray is usually taken at your dentist’s office. Your body is first covered with an iron apron to avoid any unnecessary exposure to radiation. Then a small plastic apparatus is placed in your mouth, and you are asked to bite into it by a dental professional who is licensed to take x-rays. Then an x-ray image is taken of the targeted area. The entire process is painless and takes little time.

The frequency of dental x-rays depends on many factors like your age, your current dental health, any symptoms of a dental disorder, your predisposition towards dental diseases, etc. Children may require more dental x-rays as their jaws have still not fully developed and they have a higher risk of dental disease. Please consult your dentist to see if an x-ray is required to further investigate your dental health.

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