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If you have recently lost a tooth due to natural reasons or due to an accident, you may want to restore your beautiful smile. A missing tooth can be unpleasant to look at.
A dental bridge is something that acts like a bridge (made of artificial teeth) and covers the gap left by one or more missing teeth. As they are custom made, they are hardly noticeable and can restore your bite alignment between your lower and upper teeth.
Bridges can help maintain the shape of your face, restore your speaking and chewing ability, make the bite force distribute evenly between your lower and upper teeth and return your smile. Please reach out to your dentist to know more.
With proper care, your bridge can last for up to 10 years. Like your natural teeth, bridges need regular brushing and flossing. Apart from this, it is also recommended to visit your dentist for professional teeth cleaning. Please consult your dentist to know about the care necessary to lengthen the life of your bridge.

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Seriously amazing state of the art clinic. From the moment you enter, extremely clean, receptionist greats you very politely and professionally unlike my previous place that seemed to always be somehow quite lost. Very on time and smooth throughout the first part of X-rays and checking things.
Anish Arora
Anish Arora
I highly recommend this dental office, the dentists, front desk and dental assistants are very professional and welcoming.
jessy Lu
jessy Lu
Great clinic, very courteous staff and well maintained, would recommend!
Amanda St Onge
Amanda St Onge