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Periodontal Dental Care

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Periodontal disease is commonly referred to as the infection of the gums, ligaments, or bones adjoining the teeth. It literally means ‘around the tooth’ and can cause mild to moderate discomfort depending on the type of infection. The earliest stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis where your gums can be swollen, appear reddish than usual, and can bleed. Periodontitis is gingivitis in its progressive form. It is a common dental disorder and is one of the leading results of tooth loss in adults. The good news is that if detected early, simple brushing, flossing, and routine checkups can treat this condition.   Symptoms Periodontal disease is difficult to detect in its initial stage. This makes it all the more important to visit your general dentist in order for them to determine if you suffer from periodontal disease. There are some initial symptoms that you may look out for:
  1. a)Red, swollen gums that appear shinier.
  2. b)Pus around the teeth and gums.
  3. c)Consistent bad taste in the mouth and bad breath.
  4. d)Tenderness and sensitivity in the gums causing discomfort.
  5. e)Teeth that are misaligned or loose.
  6. f)Metallic taste in the mouth.
  7. g)Receding or bleeding gums.
Your dentist may suggest an appropriate treatment after assessing the severity of the disease. Some treatments that your dentist may suggest are scaling and root planning, gum surgery, gum graft surgery to cover exposed teeth roots in cases of gum recession, regenerative procedures, and extraction. Periodontal disease may cause other health issues as well and it is recommended to visit your dentist at once if you suffer from the symptoms of periodontitis.

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