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You might have heard about implants and dentures separately but do you know that there’s an implant supported denture option as well? This way the denture stays in place and is not removable by the patient. This option is called fixed prosthodontics or  the replacement or restoration of teeth by artificial substitutes that are not removable.

This procedure is offered to all patients that are interested in getting a full or partial denture. There are indications to be considered for it since this procedure has to be done surgically. In terms of function and looks, you can’t go wrong with implant supported dentures. One, you will be able to eat and chew without having a fear of the denture falling off. Two, with proper maintenance and hygiene it will last you long. Three, it does not require too much follow-up visit. It may sound really great but most people are not choosing this option because of the financial side of it. Yes it is on the higher end when it comes to price but like mentioned, it will serve you better than the removable dentures.

In cases like this, our office is offering a financial option to the patient so the smile that they always dream of will come true. The investment we put into ourselves will go further. The confidence it can give you, the life that you can get back from having a great smile again is priceless! Yes it might be pricey now but it will pay off later you’ll see. Do the first step, book your appointment and discuss this option with the doctor.

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