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Take home teeth whitening trays

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In today’s world where your smile and overall appearance have a significant impact on your overall personality and development, teeth whitening helps add a new dimension to your appearance. This makes teeth whitening a sought-after treatment by the public. It is recommended to consult your dentist before you begin this treatment.

Please inform your dentist beforehand if you suffer from infected gums, decaying teeth or white spots on your teeth, sensitive teeth, or any previous restorative dental work like bridges, veneers, crowns, etc.

Take home teeth whitening trays comes with the added flexibility of convenience as you can take the treatment any time from anywhere and fewer visits to your dentist are required.

Once your dentist confirms that this treatment is suitable for you, impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth using dental putty which is nontoxic to prepare the tray. Then cast models of your teeth are prepared that help in preparing the whitening tray.

 Your dentist also records the current shade of your teeth in order to analyze the results obtained later on. Once the trays are prepared, your dentist will schedule an appointment with you to explain the procedure of using the tray to get the maximum possible results from the treatment. Before the treatment, it is recommended that you floss, brush and rinse. Avoiding food items that cause staining especially tea and coffee can make the results last longer. Please contact your dentist if you are keen on having teeth whitening done.

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