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The process of removing a tooth along with its root from the socket in the bone is commonly called as a tooth extraction. Tooth extraction can be of two types, namely, simple, and surgical.

Simple tooth extraction is done with forceps where there is no need to make a cut in the tissue.

Surgical tooth extraction is usually done for a tooth that has not erupted fully or which has broken off from above the jawline. This procedure requires a cut to be made in the tissue to be able to extract the tooth and is complex in nature.


  1. a) Teeth that block other teeth from erupting.
  2. b) Tooth that is decayed or damaged to such an extent that it is difficult to restore it.
  3. c) Wisdom teeth that have been unable to erupt completely, due to lack of space in the jawline.

Tooth extraction causes a slight amount of discomfort that is quite normal. Your dentist would recommend a follow-up appointment post the extraction to monitor your dental health. Your dentist will also share tips to help speed up your recovery. Tooth extraction is suggested only after your dentist has exhausted all other avenues of restoring the damaged tooth. Please consult your dentist to see if a tooth extraction is required and if any other options of treatment are possible.

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